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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

eGleams - Read Emma's Story

Read the August newsletter from Glaucoma Research Foundation.
Read the August newsletter from Glaucoma Research Foundation.
August 2017

The Story of Emma's Hope

Dear Tushar,
Emma's family started an online fundraiser and reached their goal of $500 to support Glaucoma Research Foundation's The Cure is in Sight Campaign. With their permission, we are happy to share Emma's story with you…
Four years ago Emma had her first eye surgery for Glaucoma. We know that there is a high likelihood of many more surgeries in her future.
This picture was taken during Emma's second MRI when she was just 7 years old. We have been following the Glaucoma Research Foundation and their Catalyst for a Cure since the very first weeks of Emma's diagnosis. Their dedication to finding a cure gives us infinite hope.
Emma has been so lucky with her diagnosis. While we caught it late, it wasn't too late. She can still read every free minute of every day. She has correctable vision with her glasses. There are so many other children that also face this diagnosis and each story is unique. This fundraiser is for ALL of them. For all of the children that have been touched and affected by this silent thief of sight that often isn't caught until it is much too late. 
Thank you!
Become a Fundraiser

Become a Fundraiser

Like Emma's family, you can share your story and become a fundraiser. Your friends and family members will be proud and happy to show their support. Start your personal fundraiser today!

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